Lloyd the Lobster (cibocanfly) wrote in hermilove,
Lloyd the Lobster

You know what I noticed? The zoids in CC and GF go through a crap load of damage before they are out of commision. Take the final battle on GF with the DEATHSAURER. The genobreaker, gets hit by a CPC by the Death stinger, fights 3 genosaurers, gets crushed in the DS's Claw, thrown into buildings, charged CPC's multiple times, and finally used every last bit of it's strength to acually PIERCE the DS's armor just a little with a CPC. Then there's the blade liger, who also suvived the Death stingers CPC, fought the death stinger three times, once was one on one with nothing but close range, then when fighting the deathsaurer, it got slapped by the DS's tail, also thrown into buildings, then was FIRED OUT the gravity cannon and went through the death saurer's zoid core and although collapsed, still got up and was able to escape the collapsing city, with help from Zeke. Now take the zoids in New Century zero. The zoids are no longer able to battle just by being knocked over, or their limbs were sliced off and they were no longer able to fight. Now I recall on one episode of GF The blade liger cut of the limb of a zaber fang but it still got up and fought, even without a piolet. Anyone else notice this?
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